3 Series To Make You A Better Human

3 Series To Make You A Better Human

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It's easy to neglect our spiritual health, but we're missing a vital piece of the puzzle if we're not giving it the same dedication as our physical health. It's all connected, and now the MTNTOUGH community has a program dedicated to forging deep, honest connections with ourselves and those around us. Individual series that dive into specific topics, remaining in the app and slowly building a library for your utilization.

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3 Series To Make You A Better Human
  • LU3 - Welcome to "Together"

    Episode 1

    Doesn't matter if you just got married or have been married for decades... take 5 days, commit to these short videos, complete each homework assignment and watch your marriage get better.

  • LU3 - Play

    Episode 2

    Keep it fun.

    Homework: Get a date night with your spouse on the calendar.

  • LU3 - Plan

    Episode 3

    40-50% of marriages end in divorce.
    60-70% of second marriages end in divorce.
    Often times divorce is caused by finances.

    Homework: Sit down and have an intentional conversation with your spouse about how you are going to plan your time and your finances.

  • LU3 - Productivity

    Episode 4

    Find out how you and your spouse are wired, in order to be as productive together as possible.

    Homework: Take the 6 Types of Working Genius 10 min assessment
    Use discount code PRECHRISTMAS for 20% off
    Take the assessment at https://www.workinggenius.com/

  • LU3 - Pray

    Episode 5

    Marriage is both horizontal and vertical in aspect. Prayer should the bedrock of your marriage.

    Homework: Have devotions, pray before dinner or ask your spouse how you can pray for them. Pray together.

  • LU3 - Praise

    Episode 6

    Praise means showing gratitude. Saying "Thank you" to your spouse.

    Homework: Write your spouse a thank you note.