Minimal Gear ON-RAMP

Minimal Gear ON-RAMP

MINIMAL GEAR ON-RAMP eliminates the intimidation factor when it comes to starting with MTNTOUGH . All it takes to complete this two-week, three-day per week program is your commitment and a few essentials you likely already own. Let’s get started.

Why We Built It
Everyone needs to start somewhere. This program was built for the person needing to take the first step. Whether you’re post-injury, felt too intimidated, or life has simply derailed your fitness journey, MINIMAL GEAR ONRAMP is for the individual in need of that extra push outside of their comfort zone. This two-week, three-day a week program helps [re]build fundamental movements with extra coaching to ensure proper form so you feel confident and controlled while establishing a strong foundation.

MINIMAL GEAR ONRAMP doesn’t require much more than your commitment, a set of dumbbells, a stable step and a glute band. Trainer Sarah Maschino works alongside you for a one-on-one personal training MTNTOUGH experience. Throughout the 30-minute workout, Sarah will explain the whys behind each exercise and model proper form so you can master the basics like squats, lunges, hip hinges and push-ups – all movement patterns that are used across the MTNTOUGH platform as well as in your daily life.

[Re]building strength and endurance is not beyond anyone's reach. In MINIMAL GEAR ONRAMP, Sarah leads you through strategically designed workouts at an attainable pace, allowing you to follow along at your own tempo. She always begins with dynamic stretching and leads you through effective, compound movements that all athletes need– no matter their fitness level – to achieve a healthy foundation.

Whether your break was due to injury or simply a busy lifestyle, MINIMAL GEAR ONRAMP aims to provide the first step to revamping your fitness fundamentals – to keep you healthy and injury-free.

You got this. Let’s dive in.

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Minimal Gear ON-RAMP