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10 More Days of Mental Toughness

10 More Days of Mental Toughness


Quitting when the going gets tough isn’t an option. And physical strength is only one part of that equation. Backcountry athletes at peak performance understand that mental endurance – mental toughness – is what makes them the holistic warrior, ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way. MTNTOUGH understands that grit and determination can be learned, which is why we partnered with Phil Kornachuk for MTN MINDSET 2.0. This program builds upon the framework already established in MTN MINDSET 1.0 and delivers practical exercises that create mindful habits for the mountains and beyond.

Kornachuk brings his 23 years of military experience and leadership training to the MTNTOUGH community through this 10-video program. MTN Mindset 2.0 videos should be viewed consecutively over a 10-day period for ultimate impact and mental growth. Each video includes a brief introduction of the topic and a three-to-four-minute movement exercise followed by 10 minutes of mental toughness coaching and a short homework assignment.

Small changes can lead to great results. And forming new healthy mentally tough habits are an integral part of that. MTN MINDSET 2.0 is designed to fit into your busy life. Kornachuk recommends beginning each day with the short video series to center yourself and practice the lessons taught throughout the program. These lessons will include discussions on purpose, values, goals, planning, visualization, overcoming adversity and more.

At MTNTOUGH, we believe that our physical strength will only take us so far and, without mental toughness, we are not as strong as we can be in our mind, body and soul. MTN MINDSET 2.0 allows everyone in the MTNTOUGH community – no matter your physical ability – the chance to unlock true potential to be extraordinary in all facets of life – on the mountains, at work and at home.

Make mental toughness a daily practice
Physical strength will only take you so far. Enrich your body, mind and soul by incorporating mental toughness every day.
Small changes = great results
Create new habits that apply to all facets of life – the mountain, work and home.
10 minutes x 10 days
MTN Mindset 2.0 videos should be viewed consecutively over a 10-day period for ultimate impact and mental growth.

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10 More Days of Mental Toughness