• M.M.P.T.

    Weighted pack training has been a part of MTNTOUGH’s programs since our inception. Originally specialized for backcountry hunters, our heavy pack workouts simulate what a hunter will experience in the woods, building critical back and leg strength to prepare hunters to carry heavy loads over long...

  • Mental Toughness as an Elite Athlete with David Wise

    Freestyle skier David Wise — a two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time X Games gold medalist — sits down with MTNTOUGH to talk about fatherhood, hunting, and how mental toughness is one of the most difficult but critical aspects of training to be an elite athlete.

  • START HERE to learn about our app and our programs

    So, you’ve started your free trial in the MTNTOUGH+ app — what now? With hundreds of workouts in the app across a dozen plus mountain specific programs, figuring out your first workout from so many choices can be tough! MTNTOUGH Director of Digital Content, Nate Hill compiled this rad video: for ...

  • KB20
    4 seasons


    4 seasons

    Our first "Coached" program. KB20 is a 4 week kettlebell program where you train alongside, compete with and get coached by athletes & coaches in the MTNTOUGH Lab. This is one of our favorite and most challenging programs to date and all you need is one kettlebell and your pull-up bar.

  • Remi Warren on Mental Toughness in the Mountains

    Lifelong hunter Remi Warren is passionate about the outdoors and sharing his adventures with the world. As an avid outdoorsman, hunting guide, conservationist, writer and television personality, he is known for bringing the hunting lifestyle to a vast audience. He has completed multiple solo back...

  • Pre-deployment

    14 seasons

    Tap "Warm-ups and Cool-downs" to access the other categories and the beginning weeks of the program. A new week will be posted every week until the 12 weeks of the program are finished. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

    This new program was built for, and with the hel...