Mountains are everywhere both literally and figuratively. The process of training to climb a mountain teaches us more than the climb itself. Through physical hardship we learn to endure the actual hardship that life throws at us. Climbing a mountain is easy compared to the loss of a loved one, a cancer diagnosis, or a car crash, etc. What is your mountain? Share your #whatsyourmtn story with us and help inspire others to overcome any mountains that might be in their way.

We will be picking one story from submissions to come to The Lab for TOUGHFEST 2024 all expenses paid. Share your #whatsyourmtn story with your network and help bring out the best in everyone around you!


What "mountain" have you
overcome? What "mountain" are you climbing right now and why? (This could be getting ready for a hunt, race, hard event, improving
your health so you can be more active for your kids when you're
older, overcoming something in
your life.)
If you do MTNTOUGH how has it helped you along the way? Or how has physical training helped you overcome your mountain?
How would you inspire/encourage other people to tap into their full potential, change their lives for the better, or achieve something great?

We want you to take a video of yourself talking about your mountain. Feel free to add in videos of you working out, or the overcoming of "your mountain".
This is a real story coming from you because you know what it takes to tackle the mountain and overcome hardship in life.
Try and shoot your content after a killer workout. You are not limited on the number of #whatsyourmtn stories that you want to share. Make sure to start the video with 'This is my mountain and end with asking those watching "what's your mountain"?

Share your mountain video & images on your favorite social media platform.
Or email a vertically shot video or photos to [email protected]. ***Tag MTNTOUGH*** in the post so we can reshare.
Use #whatsyourmtn in the post Follow #whatsyourmtn to learn more about other people's stories

  • AKSHAY NANAVATI: Preparing To Ski Across Antarctica For 110 Days ALONE

    In November 2024, Akshay will set foot in Antarctica to begin a 1,700 mile journey where he will drag a 400-pound sled filled with all his supplies needed to survive in one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet.

    For 110 days, he will endure temperatures below -40 degrees, and hurric...

  • Preseason Prep 50+ with Randy Newberg

    5 seasons

    Equipment Needed:
    Treadmill with 15% incline ability or outdoor space to cover ground
    Accessible stairs are a great option as well for days when we program incline rucks/walking.

    Minimal Gear Equipment List:
    -Kettlebell: lighter/heavier option
    -Dumbbells: variety - lighter/hea...

  • MC - May 2024 Monthly Challenge

    Every month, we unveil a Challenge Workout designed to push you beyond your limits and help you redefine what's possible. This May 2024, get ready for the ultimate test with our "11s on Steroids" routine. If you're a MTNTOUGH'er, you're already familiar with the classic 11s format, but brace your...


    Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/toughfest-2024-tickets-783715794037

    Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 13th! This is a special opportunity for MTNTOUGH'ers to gather, share knowledge, and push each other at the Bozeman Lab. We’ll be hauling heavy packs up a mountain, prep...

  • Bodyweight Foundation

    4 seasons

    BODYWEIGHT FOUNDATION is broken into two-week intervals in order to gradually ramp up intensity, using workout sequences that keep it engaging and make it effective. Each 30- to 45-minute session includes a warm-up and cool-down with plenty of plyometrics, agility, and dynamic movement to keep yo...

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  • Where Do I Start with MTNTOUGH Programs?

    The most important step is starting in the right program. Watch this video and we will guide you.

    Program Flow Chart Link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2956/7538/files/ProgramFlow_3a87f836-9c46-40f7-ba42-eacfb7623e51.jpg?v=1696886668