Our flagship series of programs designed by avid backcountry hunters & SOF military personal, this is a functional, progressive programs designed to make you excel in the mountains, carrying heavy loads for multiple days over rugged terrain at high altitude. Designed for complete home gym setups or access to any local gym.

  • Preseason Prep 2.0

    19 seasons

  • In-Season Training

    9 seasons

    This MTNTOUGH In-Season program is specifically built and tested for the backcountry hunter to maintain/gain strength and to reduce injury in mountain hunting season. All pro athletes continue to train in-season, and they tailor their training for the specific goals they are trying to achieve. Th...

  • Postseason Strength

    16 seasons

    The Backcountry Hunter Postseason program is different, it is designed to build the optimal athlete. Making you as powerful, as strong, and as functional as you can be. It is really about developing an all-around & unstoppable backcountry hunter. MTNTOUGH’ers know that hunting is a lifestyle. It...

  • MTN Strength - 6 Week Strength Progression

    9 seasons

  • Spring Training Camp

    8 seasons

    Backcountry Hunter Spring Training Camp is specifically designed to get you to your ideal bodyweight for optimal performance without losing the muscle & strength you built during MTNTOUGH Postseason Strength.

    The ideal program to complete after a postseason strength cycle. Spring Training Camp i...

  • Elite Spring

    8 seasons

    Direct from "The Lab" this program is a product of two years of testing on some of the worlds most dedicated mountain hunters, special operations personnel, smokejumpers and hotshot rappel crews. When accomplishing the mission is all that matters, in rugged terrain, at high elevation, for multipl...