Top 3 Preseason Archery Workouts

Top 3 Preseason Archery Workouts

Top 3 Preseason Archery Workouts
  • PAW - Preseason 1: Hip Health

    Focusing on flexor mobility and external rotation mobility and strength, this workout strengthens often neglected areas to balance your body. Create crucial strength and mobility in your hips and legs to navigate deadfall, boulders, and side-hilling without putting unnecessary strain on your knee...

  • PAW - Preseason 2: Shoulder Health

    Along with improved endurance, this workout provides balance to pushing exercises by focusing on the posterior through pulling exercises, building strength in your back and shoulders to carry a heavy pack and draw your bow smoothly while holding steady in the moment of truth.

    Assault ...

  • PAW - Preseason 3: Mountain Man

    Build stamina and strength in your legs to get your body used to tackling steep terrain while carrying a heavy pack for days on end.

    Weighted pack (30-60 pounds)
    Box or Cooler for Step-ups
    Treadmill at 15ยบ with incline maxed out

    * Pack stays on your back for the entire work...