• Preseason Prep 50+ with Randy Newberg

    5 seasons

    Equipment Needed:
    Treadmill with 15% incline ability or outdoor space to cover ground
    Accessible stairs are a great option as well for days when we program incline rucks/walking.

    Minimal Gear Equipment List:
    -Kettlebell: lighter/heavier option
    -Dumbbells: variety - lighter/hea...

  • Kettlebell Diesel

    5 seasons

  • Minimal Gear Mental Toughness Program

    5 seasons

    Make your discomfort work for you, not against. The MOUNTAIN pushes the boundaries of mental toughness to a whole new level with its strategy-based four-week, five-day program that will yank you out of your comfort zone and bring you to the brink of failure – and only make you want to succeed eve...

  • Sandbag 20
    4 seasons

    Sandbag 20

    4 seasons

    The mountains don’t conform for anyone. And being mountain ready means learning how to adapt when faced with tough terrain, bad weather, a heavy pack-out – or all three. This is why MTNTOUGH joined forces with GORUCK to bring both communities SB20, a new program that tests your stability, core an...

  • Kettlebell 20

    4 seasons

    Our first "Coached" program. KB20 is a 4 week kettlebell program where you train alongside, compete with and get coached by athletes & coaches in the MTNTOUGH Lab. This is one of our favorite and most challenging programs to date and all you need is one kettlebell and your pull-up bar.

  • 45-70
    10 seasons


    10 seasons

    The 45-70 is a progressive 9-week strength program that requires nothing but a backpack or rucksack. Utilizing your pack, we walk you through the process of building your own tiered weight sandbag kit, for a true strength training periodization.

  • Heavy Pack 20

    5 seasons

    The MTNTOUGH HP20 Heavy Pack program is fundamentally unique in that it is the first ever fully coached heavy pack training program. Simply hit play, grab your heavy pack or rucksack and follow along as you are coached & motivated by the MTNTOUGH staff. Mission specific, HP20 has been designed f...