10 Day Mental Toughness Program

10 Day Mental Toughness Program

A brand new program in partnership with Phil Kornachuk. 10 consecutive days. Interactive training. Personalized playbooks to sharpen your mental toughness.

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10 Day Mental Toughness Program
  • Meet Phil

    From his days working as a kid on a rural Ontario dairy farm to over two decades of elite service in the Canadian and U.S. Militaries, Phil Kornachuk understands what it means to rely on your inner grit to get through life’s most challenging times.

    After serving in the Canadian Military, Phil ga...

  • Please Watch First

  • Intro

    Welcome to the 1st of 10 sessions on Mental Toughness. These 10-20 minute presentations are designed to help you better develop your own mental toughness resources and routines in a meaningful way. If you follow along, complete and apply the exercises you will develop mental toughness whether you...

  • Purpose

    Purpose – your “why” – is the most critical part of mental toughness. It’s also a work in progress as we wrestle with existential questions like “what is life about”, “why am I here” or “what am I supposed to do with the time and talents I have been given”. Purpose impacts every facet of your lif...

  • Principles

    When we define our values and principles, we have a playbook for our everyday actions. Instead of letting the environment determine our attitude and performance measures when things get gritty, we can refer back to principles to guide our actions whether we feel like it our not. All you have to d...

  • Habits

    We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit. This quote is often attributed to the Greek philosopher Aristotle in 300 BC or the Englishman Will Durant in 1926. Regardless of who wrote it or when, it is one of the time-tested keys to unlocking mental toughness.

  • Mindset

    Your mindset is absolutely critical to being mentally tough. In its simplest form, mindset can be defined as a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. Your mindset if the lens through which you perceive reality. It determines if you view something as a threat or an...

  • Team

    Today’s video is focused on your mental toughness team. Who do you choose to be around? Are they bringing you up or bringing you down? Are they making you tougher or weaker?

  • Physiology

    We already touched on how your brain and mindset shape your Mental Toughness. Today we flip that paradigm and look at some ways that your body, specifically general fitness, breathing, stance and temperature can help build mental toughness.

  • Adversity

    Today’s training is on adversity and challenge as an incredible, but sometimes costly, tutor to build mental toughness. I deeply value experiential learning. You can study, master theories, read histories and plan all you like but all that academic learning is only put to the test when you actual...

  • Rest

    Today, we talk about the importance of rest, reflection and recharging to ensure sustained, deepening mental toughness over time. Rest is defined as ceasing work or movement in order to relax, refresh and recover strength. I want to acknowledge the irony that our last session was focused on chall...

  • Conclusion

    If you are watching this as the last in the series on Mental Toughness, then well done, you are the example of mental toughness today. You had the discipline and persistence to go through each of these sessions, do the exercises and build your own playbook for mental toughness.

    If you are watchi...