Challenge Workouts

Challenge Workouts

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Challenge Workouts
  • onX Hunt x MTNTOUGH Challenge Workout: "The Simulator"

    Challenge: “The Simulator”

    Test your readiness to backcountry hunt in steep and deep country so you’re prepared for the heavy packout.

    “Steep slope angles can be devastating in the backcountry if you don’t train spe...

  • The Lunge Relay

    Over the past years, what we've learned about lunges is that they are completely underutilized in the day-to-day workout regime. When a lunge is done properly, it's a top tier strength movement. We designed this workout to simulate stresses placed on your body like a hard hunt. We are able to kee...

  • Uphill Murph Challenge

    We took a legendary workout and added our twist for the mountain athlete. This is a great one to do once or twice a year to see where your fitness level is at. Give it a shot and post your time in the comments!

  • The Pack-In Pack-Out Workout

    "That's the closest thing we've done to a pack-out yet."
    MTNTOUGH'er Braxton Flaming

    MTNTOUGH Coach Jimmy Alsobrook continues to ideate and create new workouts designed to optimize the experience of backcountry hunters, or any mountain athletes for that matter. With this one, Jimmy focuses on th...

  • MTNTOUGH Discussion - Results of the Pack-In Pack-Out Workout

  • Bora Bora

    MTNTOUGH Trainer Jimmy Alsobrook brings you this incredibly effective workout specifically designed to help you lose weight. For Coach Jimmy's 40th birthday, his wife bought him a trip to Bora Bora. Jimmy was 212lb at the time and used this exact workout to get down to 180lb! He would go in and ...

  • Run the Hills

    MTNTOUGH Trainer Jimmy Alsobrook brings you this simple workout specifically designed to help you become a better runner without the impact of running 4-5 days per week.

    "Don't exhaust yourself on the first run! Find your pace and keep it through every round."

    The Workout: Max Rounds in 25 Min...

  • Run and Gun

    Sam Averett is a photographer here in Bozeman, MT and has been working with the MTNTOUGH crew for the last couple of years. We recently sat down with Sam and asked him what his favorite high-intensity workout is. He mentioned how much he enjoys the team-based high intensity days, but lately we’ve...

  • The Deadfall Workout

    MTNTOUGH Trainer Jimmy Alsobrook brings you this incredibly effective workout specifically designed to help you endure deadfall. Every hunter who has spent time in the backcountry with a heavy pack knows how devastating traversing deadfall can be.
    This workout, done over the course of a few weeks...

  • The 22s

    The 22s

    Sprint – 0.5 mile
    Superset - *Jumping Lunges and Push-Ups
    20 Lunges – 2 Push-Ups
    18 Lunges – 4 Push-Ups
    16 Lunges - 6 Push-Ups
    14 Lunges – 8 Push-Ups
    12 Lunges – 10 Push-Ups
    10 Lunges – 12 Push-Ups
    8 Lunges – 14 Push-Ups
    6 Lunges – 16 Push-Ups
    4 Lunges – 18 Push-Ups
    2 Lunges – 20 P...

  • Heavy Pack 2.0

    Heavy Pack Workout 2.0

    *Max rounds in 45 minutes
    1 Round is as follows...

    3 Rounds
    Lunges with pack on - 10
    Lunges holding pack overhead - 10
    Lunges holding pack in front - 10
    ...take pack off...
    Run - 400m (1/4 mile)
    Burpees - 20


    Stay focused on form. You will get tired! But ...