Everyone needs to start somewhere. This program was built for the person needing to take the first step. Whether you’re post-injury, felt too intimidated, or life has simply derailed your fitness journey, these programs are for the individual in need of that extra push outside of their comfort zone, but allows you to thoughtfully onramp and build a foundation for harder programs. You can repeat these programs as many times as you like until you feel ready to move up.

  • Bodyweight ON-RAMP

    13 items

    We created this program for anyone who needs a kickstart – to get moving and take that first step. We will guide you through the groundwork needed to do any of our other programs. This program requires no gear – nothing but your body and a little space to move around in. Three workouts a week for...

  • Minimal Gear ON-RAMP

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    MINIMAL GEAR ON-RAMP eliminates the intimidation factor when it comes to starting with MTNTOUGH . All it takes to complete this two-week, three-day per week program is your commitment and a few essentials you likely already own. Let’s get started.

    Why We Built It
    Everyone needs to start somewher...

  • Gym ON-RAMP

    3 seasons

  • Bodyweight Foundation

    4 seasons

    BODYWEIGHT FOUNDATION is broken into two-week intervals in order to gradually ramp up intensity, using workout sequences that keep it engaging and make it effective. Each 30- to 45-minute session includes a warm-up and cool-down with plenty of plyometrics, agility, and dynamic movement to keep yo...

  • Minimal Gear Foundation

    4 seasons

    Foundation is our most practical program. This fully coached workout is designed to get you off the couch and into a rhythm whether you’re a beginner, recovering from an injury, or getting back into good fitness habits. Focusing on functional movements and improved flexibility at a pace you can h...

  • Gym Foundation

    9 seasons

    Welcome to MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation. We wrote this program for the athlete that is new to the gym environment or has taken some time off from their fitness journey and needs direction.

    Gym Foundation lays the groundwork for most of MTNTOUGH’s other gym programs. This program is 4 days a week, tw...